Laengert Law logo and business card

Laengert Law is a Toronto-based law firm specializing in corporate law, wills and estates, entertainment and media law, and real estate law. Jen Laengert, lawyer, notary public, and the founder of Laengert Law, wanted a logo that combined tradition and freshness, and was feminine without being girly. She was already using dark grey and a bright, spring-green on her website, so we worked with those colours.

Over the course of several iterations, we decided on the combination of a circular mark (top) and the full name of the business (above), each of which can be used on its own or in combination with the other, which allows for use in a variety of contexts.

The circular mark and logotype can be combined either in a vertical orientation, emphasizing the circular mark (above), or paired horizontally, emphasizing the logotype (below).

The horizontal orientation of logo and logotype is particularly useful for use on websites, and in other locations where the logo and business name become the title of the page.

In addition to the logo, I designed a double-sided business card for Jen. The front (above) emphasizes the name of the business, and details her practice areas, while the back (below) shows off the circular mark, and provides Jen’s contact information.