KW Forest School Branding

KW Forest School offers children the opportunity to run around and get dirty, while learning about our natural environment. Their programs run in all seasons, rain or shine, and include structured nature education as well as unstructured play-time.

Dylan Siebert, founder of KW Forest School, and one of their field leaders, came to me with a concept sketch for the logo — people as trees, rooted in the natural environment. While it went through a number of iterations and refinements, the concept stayed the same. We chose a dark, forest green for the primary logo (top), and also created a reversed logo (above) for applications with a darker background, where the primary logo wouldn’t work as well.

As soon as the logo was done, I started work on a website. I built the site on the WordPress platform, so that KW Forest School staff can update it themselves, without needing to know HTML and CSS. I started with an existing theme, but customized it extensively to meet KW Forest School’s needs. I changed fonts and colours, moved around layout elements, and fixed some minor bugs deep in the source code. While WordPress can sometimes be frustrating to work with (reading someone else’s code, no matter how well commented, can be challenging), I like that it allows me to extensively customize the source-code to meet my clients’ needs, and allows my clients to use a simple, “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (or “WYSIWYG”) interface to edit their content.

We went with a simple, two-sided design for the business cards (above), allowing the logo to take centre-stage. It’s a bit hard to tell from this photo, but we used the green of the logo as the only ink colour on these cards. Printing by Element Print and Copy.

For the t-shirts (below), we used the reversed logo, since white t-shirts would show the dirt far too easily. We sourced fair-trade organic cotton shirts through More Than Half Clothing in Kitchener, and got them screenprinted by BRFC.